Agile Training

Agile Training

We design and run all our own agile training courses, and the likelihood is that you’ve never been on a course quite like one of ours.

We’re passionate about getting things done as effectively and efficiently as possible, while making sure we deliver value – that’s why we’re passionate about agile.  But we’re also really passionate about learning.  We’ve never run a course where we haven’t had praise about our coaches, their style of delivery (usually lots of comments about how much fun people have had!), the pace of delivery and getting the level of detail just right for each cohort.

Our repository of learning materials covers all aspects of agile, and many other topic areas that might not be thought of as being agile, but actually align very well with agile values and principles.  The repository is always changing – we learn something new every time we deliver a course, and our coaches are always finding better ways of getting the right messages across and ensuring candidates not only really understand, but have time to consolidate their learning through engaging discussions, exercises and games.

While we have a standard set of topics we cover on each course – each aiming to meet specific learning objectives, coaches pull from the repository as they see fit and tailor every course for each particular cohort.  This allows us to provide consistent courses that meet a pre-defined set of learning objectives, while providing the flexibility to deliver the course based on the very latest insights from the wider agile community and our own ever-growing understanding of how best to teach people about agile.

We believe that to be agile, you have to be agile – so we don’t just teach and coach agile, everything we do, the way we work, the way we plan, design and deliver courses – is in an agile way.