Agile Coaching

Agile Coaching

Our agile coaches help teams to continuously improve how they work, ensuring that they’re always delivering value to your customers as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Our coaching services are always tailored to each customers individual needs, but generally take one of the following forms:

  • Embedded Agile Coaching for new teams and services.  This service typically comprises one or more coaches on site, and being part of the team for a period of time – usually a few weeks or months.  The coach works as part of the team to help them surface and embed behaviours that align with an agile way of working.  This often takes the form of some light-touch training – typically familiarisation with techniques and tools that will help teams work in an agile way, and continuous reflection with a focus on continuous improvement.  The objective for the coach is to skill-up the team in a way that lets them gradually take steps away from the team until the team no-longer needs the coach.  We like to call this the Nanny McFee approach!
  • Agile Coaching for experienced teams that are stuck in a rut.  Even the most experienced of agile teams sometimes hit a problem or simply get stuck in a rut and they need some help and guidance.  The approach of our agile coaches in these scenarios are not to provide the solution, but to help the team work through the problem so that they can come up with the best solution or way forward for themselves.  There’s often several factors at play in these situations – having someone external to the team, without a bias to anyone, process or tool; having someone with lots of experience in solving problems and helping lots of different agile teams in lots of different industries; and having someone who has great coaching and mentoring skills.
  • Agile Coaching for continuous improvement.  An integral part of teams and organisations working in agile ways is a focus on continuous improvement.  As the world embraces agile, people and teams are thinking up new ways of solving problems and working in ways that better align with the agile values and principles.  It’s impossible for teams and team members to do their day job and keep an eye on all the new ideas, concepts, approaches and techniques that are continuously spilling out from the wider agile community.
  • Agile Coaching for senior leaders.  Senior leaders are the people that teams wish were involved with agile training or agile coaching, but unsurprisingly they are often so busy that they simply don’t seem to have the time to ‘learn something new’.  For many leaders agile need not be as daunting as at first it may seem.  Our coaching approach for leaders helps them understand what it really means to be agile, and how to reflect upon their own existing skills and experience and understand how they can be applied in an agile way of working.  We help clarify their role with an agile organisation and help them understand what their teams need from them and how they can help their teams work really effectively and efficiently, delivering the required ROI and continually satisfying customer needs.  Leaders play a key role in shaping organisation culture, and successful agile adoption depends upon it.

Of course, there is no one right answer.  There is no silver bullet.  The type and level of coaching provided will depend upon your needs, and as an integral part of coaching we work with you to understand your needs to help you, your team or organisation improve how you work by focusing on continual improvement and delivering value to your customers.

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